Bliss Food Co. Recognised by Successful Women in Business Awards as Finalist for the Independent Food & Drink Award!

Sally Poole and Lou Condie, proprietors of Bliss Food Co. restaurant in Swanage have reached the finals in these National Awards!

The Awards and Finalist announcement happens 9th December.…!

The Successful Women in Business Awards are online this year, due to the pandemic.

Sally and Lou were overjoyed at reaching the finals for the Independent Food & Drink award this year!

After running their catering business in Swanage for over 14 years, in 2017 the food-loving pair opened their restaurant in Swanage’s Kings Road East.

3 years of hard work has resulted in a fantastically popular business, which typically enjoys welcoming returning customers from far reaches of the globe and across the UK, not just in the Purbecks and Swanage region.

Upon winning the award, our Head Chef Lou said:

“Being notified we were finalists felt like such a lovely compliment. And to think that the reason we set up Bliss Food Co in the first place was because we hated seeing beige food at parties! All we ever wanted to give people colourful, tasty food – beige food or beige taste is just not the Bliss way!”

Front-of-House, Sally added:

“After the year we have endured, having to close for lockdown, then preparing PPE and social distancing measures for reopening, experiencing a very busy August and then shutting the doors once more, this is a welcome recognition of our achievements.

All hopes are pinned on the awards ceremony which is set to take place online with the SWIB Awards judging panel, including Ros Nelmes of Fordington Gin, who sponsored this category. The determined business partners are looking forward to reopening after lockdown 2.0 and restarting their take-away and collection service alongside hopefully opening their doors to the public once more.

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